মিনা বাজারে বিনা শিক্ষায় ১৫০০০ থেকে ৩৯০০০ বেতনের নিশ্চিত নিয়োগ হবে – এই সার্কুলারটি দেখলেই ক্লিয়ারলি সব জানতে পারবেন

Meena Bazar is one of the leaders among the retail super store chains in Bangladesh, that offers wide range of high quality products and superior customer service to customers. Today, Meena Bazar is considered to be the industry benchmark for its continuous innovation, commitment to ensure quality and delightful service.

As an essential food provider Meena Bazar is proudly committed to bringing safe and hygienically handled food to the customers around the country by ensuring the authenticity of the source, controlled transportation, expert processing and attractive presentation. Meena Bazar is the first superstore to introduce home delivery service and e-commerce website in retail sector of Bangladesh.

At Meena Bazar, we take pride of our Human Resources, which differentiate us from others. To meet our current business expansion plan, we require qualified individuals in the following positions:

Executive, Outlet (for Dhaka Outlet)

The incumbent will report to the Cluster Manager. S/he will be responsible for:

driving sales and train & guide staff to achieve sales objective & service standard.
monitoring & ensuring outlet opening & closing activities.
monitoring staffs grooming & hygiene.
ensuring product availability & display in shelves and
ensuring ‘on the job training’ to Supervisors & floor staffs.

Graduate in any discipline from a recognized University.
At least 1-2 years job experience. Experience in retail sector or hospitality industry is preferred.
Excellent communication, analytical, planning and presentation skills.

Self-driven and innovative attitude.
Manage time effectively and adapt quickly to changing priorities.
Computer literacy in MS Office & Outlook.
Must be hard working and willing to give extra effort to learn the trade.
Chief Cashier at Outlet (for Dhaka & Chattogram Outlet)

The incumbents will be functionally working (financial transactions, reporting & accountabilities) with Finance & Accounts department while their administrative reporting (for leave, attendance, duty roster etc.) will be maintained with concerned outlet in-charge at outlets. S/he will be stationed at the Outlets and will be responsible for:

Monitor the work of the cashiers on a daily basis.
Reconcile cash with receipts at the end of each shift to have error free accounting and make sure discrepancies are managed immediately.
Identify and correct cash register errors and take measures to avoid repetition of such errors in future.
Collect all cheque from corporate office & make accounting in the system thereby.

Forward all cash purchase/petty cash reimbursement request/DSD vendors’ payment related documents to corporate office twice/thrice in a week.
Make on time payment of utility bills such as Electricity, Water, Gas etc.

Take responsibility of any other duty assigned by the Outlet Manager / Duty Manager while on the job floor during Outlet Operating time.
Get involved in customer service activities during the time spent on the floor in departments/areas that requires the most.

Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.
At least 2 years of experience in related field.
Good written & verbal communication skill both in Bengali & English.

Should be expert in computer skills including MS Word, MS Excel, Bangla typing & internet applications.
Delivery Bike Rider (for Dhaka & Chattogram Outlet)

The incumbent will report to the Executive, e-Commerce of Meena Bazar. S/he will be responsible for:

Ensure on time delivery of a wide variety of products to customers (through different routes in Dhaka & Chattogram city).
Collect payments from customers and deposit it to accounts religiously.

Load, unload, prepare, inspect and operate delivery bike.
Inform customer about new products and services.
Collect customer feedback on service.
Follow traffic rules & regulations and bike safety standards.

Proven working experience as delivery bike rider (i.e. at least 1 to 2 years of experience in related functions).
Valid motor bike driving license.
Good driving record with no traffic violations.

Good speaking & reading capacity in Bangla & English.
For the positions, there is scope of faster career progression.
Instructions to apply: If you meet the requirements, then Apply Online

Please send your application along with résumé and a recent passport size colour photo to the following address within Sunday, 27 May 2018. Please mention on the envelope the position you are applying for.

Senior Manager, HR & Administration
Human Resources & Administration Department.
Gemcon Food & Agricultural Products Ltd. (Meena Bazar)

House: 44, Road: 16 (27 Old). Dhanmondi.
Dhaka-1209. Bangladesh

Only short-listed candidates will be called for an interview
‘Meena Bazar is an equal opportunity employer’


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