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The Dream behind Shwapno

Standing motionless, raising head to the open sky, staring aimlessly, having tears rolled inside the heart, expecting for customers, who will approach followed by purchasing the product, but returning home selling his merchandise at below the production cost most often leaving those merchandise unsold at the end of the day due to lack of buyer, a farmer from a typical Bazar in Bangladesh passes his everyday for his livelihood. There are millions of farmers scattered across Bangladesh have this sort of gruesome and untold experience in their life leading them to take different such unproductive occupation as pulling rickshaw, thus dragging our agro based economy to down and making us more dependent on imported food. Ironically, most of us do not know that silent cry is going in the families of those hapless farmers. Most farmers spend their day in suspicion thinking whether they can sell their products at fair price as well as sell those all, even if they have bumper production in their field. Hardly do they get fair price and sell those altogether, ironically. What a great humiliation for farmers, who work all day long under scorching sun devoting his happiness and meet the daily vegetable and grain needs of urban people. Likewise, fisherman and meat producer encounter this type of fate in their life. Most of the farmers, fisherman and meat producer of our country are the victim of typical interest business “Dadan”, which exploit them instead of benefiting them. Lots of vegetables decay in rural area because farmers do not find enough buyers who will buy their goods, whereas city dwellers pay extra to meet their vegetable need. Besides, poor transportation infrastructure and transportation system attribute to inefficient flow of agriculture goods from rural area to urban. While producers are on one extreme of value chain, consumers are on other extreme.

Shopping in untidy ambiance such as muddy floor, insufficient space to move, unhygienic arrangement of product, bargaining process, inconsistence price, a shopper in urban area lose his or her interest to shop in market and get panicked subsequently. Shopping in kitchen and supermarket is no longer a pleasant experience rather nightmare for shopper. As a result, home service is getting popularity among urban people. Customers in urban area are being deceived everyday by shopkeepers with selling inferior goods, charging excessive price and incorrect measurement. In other words, consumers are one sort of hostage to these shoppers, who form one kind of syndicate and dictate the market. The agony of the consumer compound with exorbitant price, inferior quality of the products, long bargaining custom in Bangladesh, inaccurate measurement, traffic jam, and so forth triggered by lose of interest for shopping, whilst shopping is a pleasant experience in most of the countries especially developed country. Notably, consumers of Bangladesh have always been the victim of deception by the shoppers, who invariably manipulate the price.

The above two parties of the value chain are the ultimate loser since intermediaries in this value chain process reap the major benefit by exploiting both producer and consumer in terms of paying price below the production cost to the producer and charging premium price to the customers. Wholesaler and retailer are two intermediaries in this value chain, where wholesaler often form cartel to manipulate the market by creating crisis in the moment of high demand or low production, while retailer charge customer with high price, sell inferior quality, practice inappropriate measurement, and so forth. Neither producers nor consumers get the benefit of the value chain. Only do the wholesaler and retailer capitalize on the weak bargaining power of the producer and absence of proper monitoring on market price, quality assurance by government on the part of consumer. We have not seen any significant progress in preserving consumers’ rights in Bangladesh, even if government took several measures, such as campaign against contamination, enacting new laws concerning consumers’ rights, and so on.
Today farmers, who are invariably deprived of having minimal scale of social rights to make the livelihood through farming, are the most unfortunate community in Bangladesh despite serving the nation with supplying basic need-food. In addition, hardly do they get any assistance from government in terms of supplying fertilizer, diesel oil, seeds, cultivation equipments at rational price, whereas farmers in developed and developing countries are the most respected community, who can avail subsidies from government, quality seeds, fertilizer and diesel oil at cheap price. This ironic situation of our farmers is leading them to embrace some unproductive professions most often some anti-social activities, thereby impacting economy negatively dragging the country to more reliance on foreign aid.

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