What is Job rotation ?

Job rotation is a technique used by employers that would use this method on their employees to rotate their assigned jobs throughout their employment. Employers practice this technique for a number of reasons. It was designed to promote flexibility within an employee and to keep employees interested into staying with the company/organization they are employed with. There is also research that shows how job rotations help relieve the stress of employees who work in a job that requires manual labor. This article will state the goals of this method as well as its drawbacks and benefits for both the public and private sectors.

What are the objectives?

This chart illustrates the Objectives for Job Rotation
  1. Employee Learning
    1. Rotation making employees more versatile
    2. Gives employees a broader understanding of the business allowing them to be better prepared to be promoted to management.[1]
  2. Employer Learning
    1. Using job rotation employers can learn their individual workers strengths
    2. Employers receive a flexible and knowledgeable workforce that can be sourced throughout the company or agency.[1]
  3. Employee Motivation
    1. Rotation reduces boredom[1]
    2. More knowledge of the company as a whole may lead to more promotions.

Who Benefits?

Along with the company providing the opportunities and training for job rotation, the employees who participate in job rotation learn more than the one job specification deemed to them, benefiting them in the long run in case of an open position on moving up in the company or a position opening up in another firm. Along with employees benefiting, companies benefit as well. The business can hire fewer people since the majority of their staff will be able to be versatile in the job functions that the company may demand, saving the company more money and possibly giving the current employees a better salary.[2]
Job rotation is beneficial to the company in terms of productivity cost and reducing the leave of absence workers take throughout the year. A study was conducted to see what motivates employees in their job performance. Job security was among the least motivators. Employees wanted a sense of responsibility and pride in their tasks performed. Job rotation was created for small crews to see if the company could produce a greater employee satisfaction, desire to become comfortable in their job functions, and decrease the desire to avoid their overtime duty.[3]

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