Walton – ওয়ালটনে ন্যুনতম শিক্ষায় হাই সেলারি তে জয়েনিং নিচ্ছে

⛱সবচেয়ে আগে কাজ নিতে  এয়ারলাইন্সে  কাজ করে ২৫০০০ – ৭৫০০০ বেতন নিয়ে ⛱ airlines

Manager (E-Commerce/ Online Sales)


Remaining day/s: 13

Asst. Editor

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Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd.

No of Vacancies   :   1

Job Description / Responsibility

-Copy & content writing for press & social media ads.
-Editing and translating documents, preparing and developing different new branding, publication, production & printing documents.
-Editing documents for printing, publications, display and promotional items.
-Help to arrange products information for preparing Viral Video and TVC.
-Working on different manuals and warranty cards.
-Content ready for packaging.

Job Nature

  •  Full Time


Vacancy Type

  •  Marketing/Sales

Educational Requirements

  • Minimum MA in English/ Bangla

Asst. Product Manager (Home Appliance)

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Remaining day/s: 3

Raw Material Planner


Remaining day/s: 10

Executive, Environmental Compliance


Remaining day/s: 10

Front Desk Executive


Remaining day/s: 25

Manager (Finance & Accounts)


Remaining day/s: 3

Branch Manager (Service Point)


Remaining day/s: 3

Designer (TV R & D)


Remaining day/s: 3

Sr. Software Engineer – Electronic Amplifier (TV R&D)


Remaining day/s: 3